Salon Nights at DLR Libraries

My thanks to Lia Mills for her review of the first Salon Night with The Dublin Review, Mark O’Connell and Sally Rooney. I hope it whets your appetite for November 4th!

Libran Writer (Lia Mills)

‘Only the dead are free’ Wayne Jordan’s chorus sang to us from the Abbey stage in his version of Oedipus during the Dublin Theatre Festival. The very next night I was in Dun Laoghaire listening to Mark O’Connell talk about transhumanism and cryonics. (Transhumanism (H+) has the goal of extending current human abilities using technology; cryonics is the term used for preserving the dead in freezing temperatures so that they have a chance of being resuscitated in the future.)

I have my own reasons for being leery of the long drawn-out process of decay so many of us experience at the end of our lives, so the notion that we can be resuscitated and kept in a state of suspended animation into an indefinite future – not to mention at the mercy of whoever is charged with our care – fills me with dread. It’s good to know that Sophocles…

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